We’ve been continuously building and iterating our oracle services since the launch of the first version on Ethereum mainnet last year. DOS has also been expanded to Binance Smart Chain and HecoChain, with seven crypto data streams as well as more than 50,000 data points have been served.

According to the previous token release schedule, team and advisor tokens will start a linear release in the next twenty-four months. There’s a question from the community regarding this release. …

Hello CommanDOS! We are excited to share reflections and the latest development of the project with our community through this month’s DOS Pulse, DOS Network’s official newsletter.

Join the vibrant DOS Network community to stay up-to-date with the latest news, discussions and updates. Feel free to contact us with any questions and feedback on Twitter, Telegram, or via Email.

Major News

In our continuing effort to build a chain-agnostic layer-2 decentralized oracle network, we are thrilled to announce that DOS Network is officially available on Binance Smart Chain. Now, with DOS Network integrated to Binance Smart Chain, crypto projects may therefore access Data and Random Oracle Infrastructure on Binance Smart Chain.

We see this as an exciting step for the DOS Network to broadening both Binance Smart Chain and DOS ecosystem and unleash application potentials in DeFi with a secure connection to external data.

What does the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) integration include? The integration is twofold: oracle service and token liquidity.

On Saturday, May 1st, 2021, Michelle Chiang, CMO at DOS Network, hosted a live Telegram AMA featuring Jian Wang (CEO), Jerry Liu (CTO) and Kundan Suresh Kumar (Engineer Lead). The team answered questions from the community regarding the technical roadmap, rebranding initiatives and much more. The AMA concluded with live Q&A on the Telegram channel.

In this recap, we featured some of the key questions and answers from the team.

Question: What is the vision for DOS and how can it stand out from other oracles?

Jian: First of all, thank you everyone for tuning into our official AMA today. It really does mean a lot to me personally and our team.

DOS Network is determined…

Dear CommanDOS!
While we wait for Twitter to reinstate our account @DOSNetwork, we have created a temporary account to release upcoming updates 🚚🚚🚚

Make sure you follow @NetworkDOS on Twitter.

Due to popular demand, we are thrilled to host the first AMA in 2021 with the DOS team. You may expect to receive answers to your questions directly from the core DOS team members:

CEO: Jian Wang

CMO: Michelle Chiang

Engineering Lead: Kundan Kumar

— —

Date: May 1st, 2021


Location: https://t.me/dosnetwork_en

Make sure to join the telegram group and drop your questions tagging @mich983 in advance to get picked!

About DOS Network

DOS Network is a chain-agnostic layer 2 decentralized oracle network that offers real-time data feeds and verifiable computation power to mainstream blockchains. It connects on-chain smart contracts and Ðapps with off-chain data sources and unlimited computation power, enabling smart contracts with more real-world use cases.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Github | LinkedIn

Hello CommanDOS! Welcome to an action-packed first edition of DOS Pulse, DOS Network’s official newsletter.

Join the vibrant DOS Network community to stay up-to-date with the latest news, discussions and updates. Feel free to contact us with any questions and feedback on Twitter, Telegram, or via Email.

Major News

This month, DOS Network completed core development of and successfully launched the Data Stream Services. It is now live on the Huobi HecoChain mainnet and is providing low-deviation threshold price oracle services for the BTC/USD, ETH/USD, HT/USD, DOT/USD and DOS/USD pairs. The team began handing assets to security auditors for comprehensive feedback and…

As we planned in DOS Network 2.0, we have accomplished a huge milestone and like to share it with our community. We’re excited to announce the launch of Data Stream Services powered by DOS Network.

DOS Data stream service has firstly launched on Huobi HecoChain mainnet, with five crypto assets supported initially: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, HT/USD, DOT/USD, DOS/USD. We are planning to expand the DOS Data Stream to other Evm Compatible blockchains, including but not limited to OKChain, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

DOS Network Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner

Happy New Year to our DOS Network community!

As part of our effort to achieve the DOS 2.0 vision, we are extremely proud to announce that DOS Network is now an official Google Cloud Build Partner in in Google Cloud’s Partner Advantage Program. The DOS Network team has begun planning to migrate various blockchain, backend, and database solutions onto the Google Cloud Platform.

DOS Network provides a decentralized, layer 2 oracle service capable of connecting all mainstream public blockchain networks and on-chain applications. The oracle service offers DOS Network’s customers with reliable off-chain data integration through a fast, secure data…

Today we announce DOS Network 2.0, the most versatile and powerful oracle.

To our DOS Network partners and community, we thank you for your continued support and trust in our team, our product, and our vision. This year, DOS Network went live on mainnet, network staking saw remarkable contributions from investors, and the number of our customers and business partners skyrocketed.

Since September, the DOS Network team has been working in “stealth mode”, as we underwent significant organizational changes, consolidated customer requests, and revisited product priorities. …


Boost Blockchain Usability with Real World Data and Computation Power.

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